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Using the Ultimate Egg Poacher

Use it in a covered saucepan (not included)
that is at least 8" wide and 4.75" deep.
If your 8" saucepan isn't deep enough,
just use a larger saucepan.



bulletBring inch (1.5 cm) of water to a boil in a saucepan.
bulletRub a little butter or olive oil (optional) in the egg wells before breaking eggs into the egg wells. (For best non-stick performance, use a bit of cooking spray or "PAM" instead.)
bulletReduce heat to slow boil.
bulletPlace poacher in the saucepan and cover.
bulletExtra large eggs right out of the fridge take about 7 minutes for soft yolks; medium eggs, about 6 minutes. Adjust to taste.
bulletCarefully remove egg poacher from pan with a hot pad (the handle will be hot).
bulletLoosen the eggs with a spoon or flexible rubber spatula by rimming them round and round, a little deeper each time.
bulletGently transfer egg onto toast or plate by tipping the
poacher and using the spoon. Enjoy! Tell a friend.

Spice it up! Try sprinkling herbs on top of eggs (dried parsley flakes are nice) or top with salsa. Use imagination.


bulletFill eggbowls with mild dishwater and soak for a few minutes. Then use a nylon scrubber or dish cloth.
bulletRub a little heavy pharmacy mineral oil on the wooden handle whenever it looks dried out.

bulletEggs are back! Once again, eggs are considered good, healthy food. And poached is such a great way to eat them.
bulletThe egg poacher is hand-made in Canada from earthenware clay with lead-free non- toxic glaze.

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