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Our porcelain hummingbird feeder looks a bit like an oriental flying saucer.

The glazed surface is easy to clean and built-in perches give the hummer a good foothold.

With a clear 360 degree view, the little bird feels safe to sit awhile, 
providing you with an exceptional view for minutes at a time.
Includes instructions and the recipe to mix your own hummer food.

From $50 Canadian

Porcelain Hummingbird Feeders

Blue Porcelain $50 Canadian

Light Green Porcelain $50 Canadian

Our porcelain models are no longer in production. Limited quantities available.
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Brilliant Colours

Cherry Red Eartheware $60

Ruby Red Earthenware $60

Pumpkin Orange Eartheware $60


Sum Yellow Earthenware $60

Larkspur Blue Eartheware $60

Sunset Red Earthenware $60

Carribean Blue Eartheware $60

Foliage Green Earthenware $60

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Nice hummer pictures, including earlier models:



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